Sims 3 Monte Vista: Sims 3 Store & Retail Dates

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In a press release by EA France detailing the Maxis Broadcast’s highlights, we learn that The Sims 3 Monte Vista will be available for download in December 2012, and will hit retail stores in January 2013.


Press Release via SimCookie

A new world for the game  The Sims 3  will be available on The Sims 3 Store:  The Sims 3 Monte Vista. In this world, players will discover a landscape full of charm, culture, spectacular views and villas on the hills. Players can also visit famous museums, stroll the square or improve their culinary skills using a wood oven. This includes new Sims world and new places, as well as dozens of new exclusive objects and clothing.  Sims 3 Monte Vista  will be available as a digital download in  The Sims 3  Store in December and and retailers in January 2013 .