Pumpkin Carving: Design Choices

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One of the many awesome features in Seasons is Pumpkin Carving! SimGuruMike has confirmed that we will have a variety of design choices, including a ghost, a cat, or the traditional scary face, evil face, & silly face. There is even a chance for your Sim to fail, leaving you with a failed carving.

Thanks to Platinum Simmers for the info! 🙂



Via The Spooky Day Blog

Pumpkins have been added to The Sims 3 Seasons and it’s the most versatile harvestable to appear in The Sims 3 yet. Pumpkins  can be used to make the delicious new pumpkin pie recipe, used as an ingredient in other meals, or even be used as a fancy home decoration. As mentioned in the fall dev blog, pumpkins can be planted in your garden, picked from the festival’s pumpkin patch or picked up from the town’s store.  But what really sets pumpkins apart from other harvestables is that your Sims will be able to carve them into Jack-O-Lanterns.



Whether you fail or succeed in carving out the desired pattern you can choose to light it and put it on display for everyone to see. You’ve always been told to never play with your food but for pumpkins it’s perfectly fine. Unfortunately once you’ve carved up a pumpkin it is no longer valid as food. However, the seeds pulled out of your pumpkin can be planted and used to grow more pumpkins.  Now that you’ve decorated your house let’s move over to get your Sims dressed and ready for Spooky Day’s festivities.

A variety of carvings!

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