Dara Sims Previews The Sims 3 Seasons

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Finally! The most welcome addition «The Sims 3 Seasons» about to appear on the market, but we are able to evaluate all of its charms in a closed presentation of the game in the office of the EA Games in Moscow, which was held on November 1. Lots of emotions, amazing screenshots and details awaits you with this survey!
The first thing that starts any new game The Sims – a room CAS. All new items in this section are primarily connected with the weather, which finally appears with the addition. So do not expect amazing new hairstyles and dresses – basically you can find only winter hats and warm jackets. But not only the winter has left its mark on Simsk wardrobe. Especially for the costume party appeared in the form of apparel funny hot dog or a mermaid for a day or Scary masks fit alien and frightening villains.

CAS Dara