Redeeming Seasons’ Origin, LE & Registration Content

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❗ Once you redeem your bonus Content, it will be available in your purchase history for download. Allow up to 10 minutes for it to register.  If after 10 minutes it does not appear in your purchase history, log out of the and log back in. 
❗ Click the Blue Links to redeem




Origin Exclusive Costumes


Goofy Shark and adorable Little Bee costumes.

Two Costumes





Seasons Limited Edition Content


Build a hangout in your Sims’ home: Let your Sims entertain in style with the elegant ice bar, bar stool, and pub table.


Make your Sims’ everyday décor cooler: Items like the ice dining chair, dining, table, coffee table, sofa, and loveseat can add distinctive style to any room in your Sims’ home.



Spice up your architecture: The ice lounge also includes architectural elements to add a subtle touch of style to your Sims’ buildings. Install the ice column, double door arch, chandelier, or wall sconce light to add some chilly flare.






Seasons’ Registration Bonus Content


Seasons Wall Decal Pack (FREE) – Embrace the ever-changing weather with this unique seasons wall decal pack. Liven up your blank walls and decorate with your favorite seasonal theme. Use one to add some color and flare or stack them all together to create a unique wall collage.