Invision Community Reviews The Sims 3 Seasons

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Winter is here, and what could be more appropriate for those long cold nights indoors than a new Sims 3 expansion? But Invision, I hear you say, didn’t EA pretty much just bring out a new expansion? And didn’t you lay into it like a hammer lays into soft, yielding butter? Yes, dear reader, they did, and it was terrible, so what we’re looking at here is hopefully some sort of vindication for the sorry mess Supernatural made of your neighborhood.


The mark of a good expansion, by any game’s standards, is that it slots neatly into the main game itself and feels like it should have been there all along. This is something a lot of big developers have latched onto in the past few years and abused slightly in terms of day-one DLC, but I digress. Seasons feels like it should have been a day one feature, the idea and execution is so simplistic yet effective that it seems it should have been a fairly obvious feature. Regardless, it’s here now for your delectation, and if you fancy the sound of your Sims sizzling in summer sun or tramping through piles of autumnal leaves, read on.