Twitter Recap: 70’s, 80’s & 90’s Session

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Click here for The Sims 3 70’s 80’s & 90’s Stuff Fact Sheet


♦ We have an arcade machine, a giant boom box stereo, this awesome 80’s style painting (kind of hard to explain…) and more!
♦ No shoes, but plenty of tops, bottoms, full body, hair, and even a new mustache!
♦ The Dance Floor cannot be CAS-styled, but it does change colors within the set pattern
♦ I really like the 70’s style stereo that has a record player in the top. It’s so different from anything we’ve done before.
♦ No accessories, sorry!
♦ We have a brand new 90’s themed “Rap music” station in The Sims 3 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Pack
♦ How many objects?  I just counted…36!
♦ Afros are very difficult for our artists to make. I’m sad we don’t have any in this SP too
♦ This SP will not, but we hope to include new blueprints in future SPs.
♦ No new accessories, sorry! We do have new make-up and a mustache though!
♦ Yes! There are three new radio stations – Disco, Rock, and Rap!
♦ We have a new arcade machine, a giant boom box stereo, an AWESOME new guitar, and more
♦  No tattoos in this Stuff Pack, but we have some in works for future EPs!
♦ Not weird at all! But no, no pet clothes are currently planned. They would be hard to make because the fur would poke through.
♦ I’m would love to make a Teen and Child SP someday, but there currently aren’t any plans for one…
♦ I love the 70s stereo with a record player on top! We also have an AWESOME new 80s guitar!
♦ No new moodlets, sorry!
♦ I love the new 70s stereo – it has a record player on top! There is also an awesome new guitar that’s really sweet looking!
♦ Yes! This SP features 3 new paintings! A 90s Freezer Bunny, a Movie poster (one design for each decade), and an 80s art piece!
♦ No new dances.
♦ There are 36 new Build/Buy objects (I’m counting all parts of the sectional seating…so I guess really there are 29 objects)
♦ No clutter I’m afraid. We do have some new plants though. I’m hoping for some clutter in the upcoming Movie-themed SP
♦ Why not Decades? Marketing magic! They were concerned people wouldn’t know “what decades” Decades was about.