EA Wants Your *Futuristic* Feedback!

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SimGuruSnelson has posted a thread in forums, asking players to share their ideas for the Time Travel Expansion coming out at the end of the year. If you want to give your feedback, leave a comment on Snelson’s thread!

The development team that is working on future expansion packs for The Sims 3 is having a lot of fun building the new games and brainstorming features, objects, gameplay and more. We’re currently having a great brainstorm around time traveling to the future and back.
We’d really love to hear from you and appreciate your input. Here are a few questions and feel free to comment on as many as you’d like. While we can’t promise what will end up in the game, we’re eager to see what you think. Thanks! – SimGuruSnelson
• What does a future Utopia look like in The Sims 3 in your mind? How would you imagine the environment, buildings, and other visual parts of the world to look?
• If your Sim is hanging out in the future, where would they spend most of their time?
• If there were robots in the future and they could be part of your household, what would you like them to do?
• Name a few of the new careers you’d most enjoy for your Sims in a future setting.
• In the future setting, what activities would you like your Sims to partake in?
• Name a few objects you’d love to see in a Sims’ future.
• Are there any existing objects that you’d envision transforming in the future and if so, which ones?
• How would you expect your Sims’ lives to be affected by traveling back and forth to the future?

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