RE: Incomplete Guides & Site “Issues”

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Hey everyone! 🙂

I have received many emails over the last year regarding the incomplete guides – Base, WA, AMB, & LN – and I just wanted to update everyone on why they are still incomplete.


Base Game Guide – Since the Sims 3 patches typically add new gameplay options and content, this guide will not begin until the Sims 3 series is complete.
WA, AMB & LN Guides – As most of you know, we started the site in 2011. Had SimsVIP been around since 2009, I would have been doing guides from the get-go. Since I began the guide writing at Generations, it will be some time until I am able to complete prior guides. I have no ETA of when I will start, but do know that I have plans to complete them.
♦ All Stuff Pack manuals prior to Generations have been completed



Secondly, there are still some “site issues” we are working on. You may find that some parts of guides throughout the site are “broken”, but it is all a coding issue that needs time to complete.

Another issue is the “post tabs” showing up as bullet points rather than tabs, when logged in. This is another issue I am working on, so please bear with me!

Other than the issues above, I will begin work on many of the incomplete pages (Hairstyles, Game Pages, World Guides, etc) starting this weekend. Thanks for your patience!