Game Revolution: Sims 3 University Life Review

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The Sims 3 has always had a strange absence. Babies would grow into children who attended school until their teenage years and then, suddenly, they could immediately enter the workforce. Apparently, Sims only reach as far as a GED. What happened to all those formative years, hopefully away from home, at the universitas magistrorum et scholarium, that place of knowledge, scholarship, and freedom. Or at least that’s what Sims are supposed to say about college in between Juice Keg parties and woo-hoos.


Of course, the first step to college begins well before it. Teen Sims who achieve academic excellence and learn any number of skills will have an advantage taking the “Sims University Aptitude Test” (the SUAT?) which is like our SAT, GRE, and AP exams all rolled up into one (except it only takes a few moments to finish and it’s free of charge). Based on the testing results, the Sim will receive a proportional amount of financial aid and additional credits toward one of the six majors offered—Business, Physical Education, Science & Medicine, Technology, Communications, or Fine Arts. The selection of majors could have been wider, and the lack of Masters and Ph.D degrees is a little disappointing.