Games Radar: The Sims 3 University Life Review

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When you look back at your college years, what do you remember most fondly? Maybe you think about the all-night parties, the friendships and relationships forged, cramming for finals, dealing with roommates, and the satisfaction of finally earning your degree after all of that hard work. That typical experience is what EA and Maxis have created with University Life, the ninth expansion for The Sims 3. And while the developers have succeeded at incorporating many staples of attending college into The Sims 3, the expansion ends up feeling like an isolated experience instead of a cohesive addition to the core game.




In The Sims 3: University Life, any Sim with a high school diploma can enroll in college by choosing a major, the number of credits per term, and how many terms to take on. Upon arriving in the new college sub-city, your choice of residence includes the dorms, a sorority or frat house, or off-campus housing.