Sims 3 Island Paradise: Limited Edition Content

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The Survival Kit

The survival kit will equip your Sims with everything you need, so that they can live on a desert island, including makeshift homes by boat, or simple shelters in the ocean – or use these objects in the comfortable civilization. With more objects than ever in a Limited Edition of The Sims 3, your Sims will receive everything they need to get a look of shipwreck, from clothing to furniture style rags castaway. With the survival kit, your Sims will be better equipped to make your life an adventure on the Island.
Tales of the “Lost and Found” – You can make your Sims live stranded at sea, or build a simple house on stilts: new experiences and stories that present other island adventure.
Build your Sims  a house on the water – Design your home with unique items in the latest fashion castaway. Therefore, your Sims can sleep happily adrift on a canopy bed made ​​of wood.
Limited Edition with more content than ever – Filled with objects, clothes, furniture and decor, thanks to which you can expand the gaming experience with your own island paradise.