Sunset Green! *Ended*

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We have a winner! Congrats to LSims for completing this challenge the quickest! LSims, I will be emailing you shortly with details on the prize. 🙂


You will need to open a game in Sunset Valley for this contest


Get into your game and create any 5 Sims in Sunset Valley! The Sims must be aged as follows…


♦ 1 – Toddler

1 – Child

1 – Teen

♦ 1 – Adult

♦ 1 – Elder


:!: All 5 Sims must have BLACK Hair

❗ Sims can be ANY gender

❗ Sims can wear any type of clothing


After you take the Sims into your game, take ONE photo of all 5 Sims in front of the house located at 58 Water Lily Lane! The photo must be taken at the angle shown in the below photo, so the entire house shows in the background. Make sure Sims are facing forward!





Part 2


Take all the SAME Sims back into CAS and give them the Green Skin Tone (Any shade, just make sure I can tell it’s green), head to the central park fountain, and take another photo of all 5 Sims at the same angle! Make sure Sims are facing forward!
Hint: Using the “testingcheatsenabled true” cheat, you can Shift + Click any Sim to take them into CAS fast.



Part 3

Find the photo of a *REAL* White Cat on the pages of this site. Here’s a hint: Game Guides. You will need to tell me exactly the page it is found on!


The first person to post with the following…wins!


♦ One Photo of 5 Sims of all ages (FACE FORWARD) in front of the home located at 58 Water Lily Lane. (Same angle as the photo above!)


♦ One Photo of the SAME Sims with Green Skin tone in front of the Fountain @ Central Park in Sunset Valley. (Same angle as the photo above!)

♦ The page on which you find the white cat

♦ Two photos, one cat, ALL IN ONE COMMENT!