SimsVIP Banners That Never Made The Cut…

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So as you all know, the wonderful GeorgefPlay creates the amazing banner assets that dress up the site. When George starts creating the perfect banner for SimsVIP, I expect nothing but the best. During this time I become a very very picky person. :mrgreen:


The process goes as follows:

1) George makes a mock up banner and sends it my way

2) I complain and want everything changed

3) George updates the original banner

4) I nit pick at something else

5) George creates another updated banner

6) I complain about something else

7) George updates the banner once again

8) I want it scrapped and done again from scratch


This process has gone on for days and days at a time, and I am not kidding when I say I infuriate George to the point of no return. When I get George’s blood boiling with my nit picking, he ends up giving me banners that “never make the cut”.
The crazy banners that have resulted from my nit picking have made us laugh to no end. With that said, today I present to you the SimsVIP Banners that never made the cut! Enjoy! 😛

Click the images for a larger view!


70s80s90sderp generationsderp seasonsderp queenbey supernaturalderp simsvipderp umad universityderp