Gaming Excellence Reviews Sims 3 University Life

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The Sims 3 University Life is another repackaging of a Sims 2 expansion, with the intention that a previously well received expansion will do well with some changes and additions. Sadly, Sims 3 University Life is lacking in a multitude of ways, showing itself to be a generally disappointing expansion.  It not only fails to significantly improve the University experience, but it seems to backslide in a few ways, making the game not quite as fun to play.




Overall, the idea of University is a pretty strong one in a game like The Sims. Go to University, do some cool new interactions, get some benefits for having gone and bring that back to the main game for a boost over all the other Sims who didn’t go through the effort you did. Great, right? It was great in the first University expansion pack, which actually did an amazingly awesome job of allowing Sims to go away to college, have some cool new interactions and gain access to new jobs that other Sims couldn’t.  It was a pretty win-win situation.