A Note to Readers

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If you are an active member of SimsVIP, it would be in your best interest to read this post in its entirety. I expect everyone to read and comprehend everything below before commenting on another post. 

SimsVIP has always been a great place for readers to discuss everything and anything about the game. I believe that players should have a place to vent their frustrations, and also engage in civil conversations with others. I will always allow players to voice their opinions and disagreements, but it stops at slander and personal attacks.
There has been an increase in off topic post discussions lately, and I demand they cease immediately. Not a single active reader on this site is allowed to come here and personally attack someone for ANY reason. There are plenty of examples of this type of behavior lately, be it against YouTube personalities, SimGuru’s, and even other readers of this site. THIS ENDS NOW!
If you have nothing nice to say, ignore the post and move on. I will not tolerate the act of slander and attacks of any one single person. From this second forward, any off topic and irrelevant slanderous comments will result in a permanent ban. No warnings.
Thank you for your understanding.