The Sims 4: Sim Details & Sketches

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During today’s The Sims Live Broadcast, we were introduced to Lead Concept Artics of The Sims 4, Albert Truong. Albert gave us a first look at the design of The Sims 4 “Sim”, and a short backstory into the creation of these new Sims.


Ryan: Why don’t you take us through what went into this concept sketch?

Albert: These characters, what we’re trying to go for, is a little bit of a sexier, cooler, design, a little more appealing. Something more on the painterly effect, but we didn’t want to go towards a realistic thing and get into an uncanny valley.
Well these are Sims were making, so they gotta look good. We’ve put a lot of thought into the color and design of the characters, a lot of lightning for the characters, and a little bit of story telling as well. For instance, if you take a look at her, she’s probably a teen rockstar or a musician trying to get into a band or something.
We pulled a lot of inspiration from animated films, from american illustrators, to get that pseudo painterly effect. And we’re hoping that all of these come together, to show the fans something they have never seen before in any of the other iterations of the Sims.

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