The Sims 3 Dragon Valley: Retail Disc Overview

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The Sims 3 Dragon Valley has hit retail shelves, and I just picked up my very own copy! The Sims 3 Dragon Valley Retail Box includes a code to download the Sims 3 Dragon Valley from The Sims 3 Store, bonus content, boxart, and a disc. The disc itself contains the package file for this world, but requires account and disc activation to use.

To check out everything there is to know about Dragon Valley before purchasing, check out our Sims 3 Store World Guide.


The Sims 3 Dragon Valley (Summary)

Play with dragons in a mythical world of lore! Nestled in a distant valley lies a mythical town straight out of tales of lore. Travelers journeying to Dragon Valley will discover a village full of towering and fantastical architecture resting along the banks of a gently flowing river and low-rising hills. Visitors will find a world inhabited by colorful elven Sims deeply rooted in centuries-old traditions, and where baby dragons not only exist amongst the residents, but are also kept as pets.




Box Art





What’s Included?

♦ The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World

Bonus Content: Celtic Lands from The Sims 3 Store




Redeeming the Bonus Content

The Bonus Celtic Lands Set that comes with the Sims 3 Dragon Valley Retail Disc, can be redeemed here. Enter the code from the leaflet included inside the box, and download the content from your Purchase History.

Download page




Price and Purchasing Info

The price for this Sims 3 Dragon Valley Retail Disc + Bonus Content in North America is $19.99. You can purchase this boxed world in retail form at any of the retailers listed below, or check your local retailers for availability.

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