What I am hoping for in Gamescom

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This is a bit of a personal post, but one I have been saving for awhile. I hope it’s not minded >.>
If you come back and find my name has been changed to Mud, it was minded.
What I want is a fun game. On a personal level, graphics don’t matter that much, and I’ve learned I can actually enjoy graphics that were previously on my list of types I would never, ever try. For example, Borderlands; I swore I would never enjoy a game with cell-shaded graphics. That game is still one I go back and play, despite the fact it uses a graphics type I utterly loathe. So, why do I play that game? Because it’s fun, because it doesn’t take itself seriously despite being a first-person shooter, and because it’s not afraid to make me rethink how important graphics actually are to a game.
So, what I’m hoping for is they reveal a game that, despite any dislike of graphics the community may have, utterly blows us away. I want another Borderlands; another game that comes out of left field and makes you reconsider what’s actually important to you as a gamer. I want to hear people dismiss any concerns they have over how much better everything else is.
Thing is, some of the Sims team have been working on this series from the start. They’ve got the experience. They’ve got the talent. And they’ve been dropping hints (such as the one I mistakenly posted earlier *cough*) that this game will be as good as I am hoping.
We have less than 20 hours to go before Gamescom, and we have someone there who will provide us with info. But, in the meantime, what are you hoping for with Gamescom? What are you hoping they’ll say? And what is actually important to you, as a gamer, and what preconceptions about what you’re willing to accept are you willing to give up?