Edenstyle Interviews SimGuru Jill

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At the Sims Camp I had the opportunity to interview Sim Guru Jill about The Sims 4.
She is one of the CAS producers and I love the way she explained us the new Create a Sim features during the first The Sims 4 masterclass.
Below you can find the Q&A, together with my comments about the answers.
There are many interesting info about The Sims 4 that I didn’t include in my previous articles. Enjoy it!
During CAS demo, you mentioned some news about the use of boots in The Sims 4. Could you tell us more details?
In The Sims 4, boots go over or under the pants depending on the kind of pants you are using.
The game recognizes the different parts of legs, pants and boots and figures out how boots should be shown. For example, certain boots will go over stretch pants, while they could go under baggy pants.