Sorry Folks, No “Solo Woohoo” in The Sims 4

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For those of you who may have seen a fake “PC Gamer” article stating that you will be able to “Solo Woohoo” in The Sims 4, please know that this is absolutely false. (Confirmed by SimGuruGrant) As a matter of fact, anything from that article (pictured below) is not to be taken seriously at all.
When new games are in the making, it’s typical to see people using their spare time creatively, and the result is rumors, lies, and false expectations. This is the #1 reason why I have refrained from posting any “leaks” or “rumors” be it real or not.
Contrary to what some in the community believe, I am not on a gag order by EA. Instead, I choose to avoid losing credibility by rushing to post rumors, or asinine articles like the one below. Like I said a while back, this is the first transition into a new series for SimsVIP, so I am taking every precaution to ensure nothing false, spreads as fact.