GamesRadar: The Sims 4 Info Bits

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The first major feature being touted is the improved character creation tool. The Sims 4 will give you more character creation options than ever before, and it will serve those options to you in a far more tactile and accessible way. Instead of manipulating sliders, you’ll use the mouse to grab, poke, and pull directly at your unsuspecting Sim’s frame to tweak his or her shape to your exact liking. To prove that this version is more customizable than ever, you can also customize your Sim’s hair while wearing a hat.



The creation tool will also provide you with a variety of preset facial bone structures to allow you to more finely tune your Sim’s facial appearance. The game’s developers say this will also make it possible to create characters who more closely resemble different ethnicities, getting us one step closer to the perfect realization of our simulated reality.



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