Poll: SimsVIP Forums?

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While the idea of sharing your thoughts on posts is currently possible through comments, the site has grown enough to where I know that many of our readers would love to “create topics” and discuss anything and everything. I have been throwing around the idea of a SimsVIP Forum, but I want to see how many of you would be interested in using a forum before I move forward with it.

In the poll below, simply vote yes or no to let me know if a forum on SimsVIP would be something of interest to you. I have no ETA on when or if I would create the forums, but it would definitely be in time for The Sims 4 launch.


To be clear, forums would not change the commenting system currently available on the site, nor would it be a requirement to participate on this website. SimsVIP.com and Forums would remain two different parts of the site.