The Sims 4: Achievements Confirmed

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In the latest article by IGN, The Sims 4 team confirms that Achievements will be a part of the game. SimGuruGraham confirmed that the “50 Mile High Club” achievement is unlocked when Sims “Woohoo in a Rocket Ship”.

The night ends with Andre the victor, as he finally works up the courage to pick up a girl, then takes her out for some “woohooing” in a rocket ship parked out back (Achievement unlocked: “50 mile high club”).


SimGuruGraham also confirmed that the achievements in The Sims 4 are similar to the achievements we currently have in The Sims 3.

“Achievements are a similar concept, yes… complete some particular task, unlock an achievement. The little details may vary a bit.”

“They’re on a player level, not a per-Sim level.”