Into the Future Gameplay Session to Release 10/4/13

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*Update* We received an email tonight with instructions on using the live gameplay session, and the broadcast itself cannot be uploaded as-is. Instead, those invited will be allowed to use bits and pieces of the video to create a “preview video”. The video will not be sent to us until sometime tomorrow morning.
We were just informed of this tonight, so I will do my best to get something up as soon as possible tomorrow. The video footage previews can be uploaded at 10am Pacific, which is when the embargos for worldwide ITF events lift.
I will be in meetings all morning, so keep an eye out for WhipperWhirl’s “Into the Future Fansite Preview” post.



As you all know, The Sims 3 team held a special gameplay session of Into the Future on October 1st. This gameplay session will be released for public viewing on Friday October 4th. The time of the release is uncertain at this time.
Also, it has come to my attention that many simmers were upset about the “private” aspect of this gameplay session, and I now have a logical explanation for it: Worldwide Into the Future events with embargos.
Fansites around the world (BeyondSims, Platinum Simmers, and more) attended Into the Future events in their countries this week. As Platinum Simmers confirms in a facebook post, they will not be able to release any of the information until Friday. Therefore, the privacy of the Twitch event was not to exclude anyone, but rather give those of us in the USA an “event” of sorts, since we typically do not have any US community events.
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