Resident Entertainment: Into the Future Preview

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Into The Future is an expansion for The Sims 3 that is coming out very soon in Australia on October 24 and in New Zealand on the 25th. Into the future is quite a large expansion for the Sims 3 and allows the player to take their Sims into the world of the future, where robots roam the world and Sims drive hover cars.


Into the future is an interesting new expansion in that your Sim is able to travel forward and back in time to meddle with their future outcomes and the state of the world. Depending on what you do with your Sim in the present will determine if the future becomes a happy bright utopia or a dark and grim dystopian future. In the future you can visit your Sims descendants and find out what they are like and have fun checking out your Sims legacy. It’s an interesting new concept for the Sims 3 and should be a lot of fun to play around with time.