Resident Entertainment: Into the Future Review

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The Sims 3: Into the future is the newest expansion for the Sims 3 which allows players to travel to the future and back, visit their Sims descendants, build Plumbots (Sims version of robots) and even bring their knowledge of the future back to to the present. Into the future is a very fun expansion with a lot to look at and explore and a lot of new items to play with. It’s a very impressive expansion for the Sims 3 and one players should definitely consider checking out.


Overwhelmingly I very much enjoyed Into the future and the way this expansion brought you to the future, it’s not overly complicated to travel to the future. Once you install the game a mysterious portal will appear outside your Sims house and a traveler arrives. He instructed my Sim about some basics and then let them travel. Although I wouldn’t take any advice from him, he’s absent minded…..