The Sims 4: It Seems Better than it Feels

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If you stop to think about it, The Sims 4 is a great idea. A real time simulator for the human psyche and the interpersonal relationships that are formed over a lifetime, all condensed into a few hours experience. Of course, after about five minutes it turns into a real-time DLC shopping mall simulator that teaches us and our children that if you do not buy everything you see on TV, it means that you are not a full member of the society. But this is not our problem, as today we are going to talk only about the future title of the series, The Sims 4.


As we have said before in some previous articles, the biggest news in Sims 4 will be the feelings (sentiments). Therefore, the days when your SIMS was whether happy whether unhappy are long since gone. New sentiments will take the place of the dual emotional system we were used to play with in the past. So, let’s talk about feelings!