Game Scouts: Sims 3 Into the Future Review

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Skepticism eclipsed my usual enthusiasm as details of the final Sims 3 expansion, Into The Future, leaked into the gaming sphere. The bias stemmed from a base need for a new rendition of the Sims 2 hit Open For Business. Island Paradise’s brilliantly executed hotel management system and Midnight Hollow’s retail elements only furthered dreams of untapped possibilities. Silencing wishes of filling Twinbrook with privately owned boutiques and corner bakeries felt almost painful.


The Sims team created the series more fantastical additions with an appreciable level of detail, but my favorite entries like Ambitions and Seasons enrich the everyday grind by strengthening gameplay at its core. Yes, the preference for realism seems absurd within a cartoon universe. However, it’s that shade of real-life beating beneath the surface that makes the exaggerations so charming. I enjoy watching Sims flood their ground floor attempting laundry far more than playing as a Twilight-inspired vampire with a pet dragon.