Sims 3 Store: Introducing “Make Me an Offer”

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The Sims 3 Store team has launched the “Make Me an Offer” function! “Make Me and Offer” randomizes different store content from sets, worlds, venues, premium content, and individual items you do not already own, adds up the price, and then offers the content to users at a discounted price for one hour only.
If the deal does not appeal to you, you can generate up to 4 additional deals each day. Once you pass up a deal, you cannot get it back, so be sure to use your “one hour” time period to make a decision. Once you have exhausted all 5 offers, you will have to wait until the next “business” day to check new offers.

make offer 2 make offer 3

According to the Make Me an Offer FAQ, the generator will not offer you an individual item you already own, but it can generate a “set” that includes an individual item you already own. This new store function should not be confused with the “Complete your Set Discount”, as these two systems work independently.
Additionally, the FAQ states that the system will also generate “special” items that can only be purchased through the Make Me an Offer system, so keep an eye out for those. SimGuruRusskii has stated that the store team cannot release information on these “special” items, so feel free to comment below if you find any surprises!


make offer

*Update* – Below is a complete list of exclusives via Wee Albet!

♦ Casual Button-down
♦ Easygoing Tee
♦ Wave of Emotion Pullover
♦ Hip Hat
♦ Cool Chap Cap
♦ Manly-Man Everyday Work
♦ Smashing Scarf and Jacket
♦ Friday Casual
♦ V-Neck Vortex Shirt
♦ Cool and Casual Tee

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