The Sims 3 Gift Giving Event

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The Sims 3 Facebook Page (and official forums) is hosting the “Snowflake Day” event where players are welcomed to leave their wishlists with the hopes of getting a random gift! Or if you’re feeling extra generous, feel free to make someone else’s day with a gift.


Hat Tip: Lindsay

Hey Everyone! 
There’s one thing we notice around here – Simmers are really generous with each other – whether it’s creating a lot or Sim for each other, taking screenshots of a particular item, or even gifting items from Wishlists! 
We want to celebrate the spirit of giving with you in our Happy Snowflake Day thread. Let’s share each other’s Wishlists – who knows who might be gifting you! 
Even if you don’t have Simpoints – there are many ways to give to each other. Build a lot, create a Sim, or take a cool screenshot to share!