Resident Entertainment: Roaring Heights Review

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The Sims 3 Roaring Heights is the latest playable world to be added to the Sims 3 and is currently available for all to purchase. Roaring Heights introduces Sims 3 players to a vintage themed world which takes inspiration from the 1920′s-1930′s era and is actually quite a nice world to look at. Depending on which content players purchased with Roaring Heights, (gold or standard Bundle) they are able to gain access to a new world, new outfits, a new car and the boardwalk venue.


Roaring Heights as a world looks wonderful with a mix of a city landscape with tall large buildings that glow bright at night and a coastal beach edge that basks in the glow of the nearby light house during the night. During the day Sims can visit the beaches or any of the town locations for fun. Roaring Heights like other Sims worlds such as Isla Paradiso is filled with career option buildings for Sims to work at during the day to earn income for their daily duties and purchase items such as the classically cool fixer upper car. The world of Roaring Heights is visually appealing and one of the nicer worlds in the the Sims 3 for players to play in.