The Sims 4: Tidbits by SimGurus Graham & Ray

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The new year is here, and simmers around the world are eager to learn more about The Sims 4. Unfortunately, we have not had any new info dumps from EA’s Marketing and PR teams, so SimGuruGraham and Ray Mazza have been kind enough to answer a few questions on Twitter.

Hat Tip: Rincon Del Simmer

Will the promotional Sims be included in the game?

We always lamented during Sims 3 that we couldn’t use the Sims from previews/marketing/videos… our pipeline for getting Sims in-game was pretty rough and just didn’t support it. Part of the problem is that those Sims are typically made by our marketing and video teams and not the dev team. That process has been simplified in Sims 4, and while I don’t know if those Sims will end up in-game or not, I personally think it’d be nice. They’re personalities you get to know and relate to over time, it’d be fun to play with them as well!

Hi Alicia – it’s a great tool, I agree. It’s something we’ve confirmed won’t be in Sims 4 I’m sorry to say, but I hope some of the other aspects of Build and Create a Sim that we’ll unveil will help spark your creativity!

I’m a producer, so I do a little bit of everything. Right now I’m mainly involved in managing a process called change review, where we evaluate how to use our remaining time and determine what we need to add/tweak/polish to get the content and experience we want for the release date.