The Sims 4: Games™ Interviews SimGuruGraham

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Games™ recently sat down with The Sims 4 associate producer, Grahame Nardone, to talk about how the Sims is changing for its next instalment, new technologies in the series and how amoral players will have fun in the life-simulating sandbox…
For a game that was originally made as a satire on the suburban domestic dream of middle-America, the Sims franchise took an unfortunately capitalistic turn in its last iteration – The Sims 3 may as well have been called ‘DLC: The Game’, with so many blatantly consumerist and unashamedly branded content drops coming to form the central experience of the entire game.
The Sims 4 is a killswitch for that, it seems – having been in development for three years, the game has been taken on a journey through various development teams, each reworking and reengineering core aspects of the game in a systematic process that’s seen every element of the game scrutinised. The foucs this time has been on what makes a Sim a Sim – that is to say, Maxis is paying close attention to what makes our digital alter-egos even more human.