The Sims 4 – In-game Cutscenes to Return?

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Were you a player of The Sims 2? Do you remember how at certain milestones in your Sims’ lives that a dynamic cutscene would take you right into the action and show you the event up close and personal? Well, if recent information from GDC is to be believed, then these in-game cutscenes could be set to return in The Sims 4!

Below is the information released about the Dynamic Cutscene Sequencing.


From this information it does seem like a return of a system similar to the in-game cutscenes of The Sims 2.


If you aren’t aware of how the cutscenes worked in The Sims 2, a video made by DonkeyChum2000 shows how these videos looked and the different scenarios where you could view them.