Attention The Sims 4 *Limited Edition* Pre-Orders

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After today’s news with Origin going all digital, it occurred to me that the physical version of The Sims 4 *Limited* Edition has been removed from Origin. If you’ve pre-ordered this version in PHYSICAL form when it was available, it would be in your best interest to check your order.

Screencap via BeyondSims

Screen-Shot-2013-08-20-at-18.46.58 (1)

It is not clear if these orders from Origin will receive the physical or digital versions, or be cancelled all together. If anyone here has the answer, be sure to leave it in the comments below.
Additionally, if you’re stuck with Digital and want a Physical game, head over to Amazon (or other retailers) to purchase this version.
– Big thanks to Crinrict for bringing this article to my attention:


Starting on April 4, the Origin store will only be selling downloadable games for PC and Mac, and will no longer be shipping boxed titles. This means you will no longer be able to purchase discs for PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation or Wii. Instead, the Origin team will be focusing their efforts on providing the best possible digital experience for gamers everywhere.
If you’ve ordered a game from Origin that is meant to be delivered through the mail, don’t worry – Origin is committed to making sure your order is completed. If you pre-ordered a boxed version of an unreleased title such as The Sims 4 or EA Sports UFC, you’ll receive an email from Origin in the coming days with further instructions.
If you’d like to continue to grow your collection of boxed EA games, you can still purchase them from traditional retailers and other online stores. If you have additional questions about how to locate your favorite EA titles for purchase, contact a Game Advisor and they’ll happily assist you.