The Sims 4: Next Confirmed Info Drop June 13th

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The next confirmed date for information on The Sims 4 is set for June 13th. As reports, the April issue of Germany’s The Sims Official Magazine confirms that June’s issue will include a massive cover story for The Sims 4.
The June 13th date falls right after this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), so we have plenty to look forward to during that event. This is not to say that EA will not be releasing any news prior to this date, but for now, this is the only confirmation by official sources.

Photo provided by our reader Fiete

Last summer we were in San Francisco to take a look AT the latest developments of Sims 4 and now we’re back in the States again. Our title story reveals to you what is going on around the Sims, and we’ll be showing you what the developers will convince their fans with.


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