The Sims 4: GDC 2014 Video Presentations Listed

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The GDC Vault has listed The Sims 4 video presentations from this year’s game developers conference, but unfortunately for us, the videos are only available to subscribers ($495.00).
Even if one were to access them, it is strictly forbidden for the content to be shared on any other sites. We reached out to GDC’s Media Access team, and they replied with the following:

Hi Alexis,
Thank you for your inquiry.
GDC Vault is made available to press who attended the GDC, but the videos are not meant for sharing on other sites; they are only to be viewed on the Vault.
Media Access Team


This is not to say they’ll never show up somewhere down the road, but as of right now, they remain a GDC Vault exclusive. I don’t expect there to be anything “major” in the videos, except a few additional screenshots we may have not seen, but chances are we’ve seen the bulk of it.

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