Simlish in The Sims 4 is Getting an Upgrade

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In the latest issue of The Sims Official Magazine, EA confirms that the “Simlish” language we all have learned to love, will be getting a pretty awesome upgrade in The Sims 4. Not only have they tripled the voice team to 9 actors, they are also expanding the language to give different age groups their own “dialect” so to speak.



As Simlish continues to grow and expand with each new entry in the series, so does the size of the group of folks working behind-the-scenes to make it an increasingly fun aspect of each game. Starting with only three voice actors in the earlier games, The Simsvoice team has now tripled to nine different actors. A bigger team makes it possible to have a much greater range of choice in how your Sim characters sound when they speak.
This ongoing expansion extends to The Sims 4, which will feature the broadest range of Simlish yet. “We’ve expanded the lexicon, created specific ‘slang’ for different Sim age groups, and placed more focus on object-specific terminology,” said Cameron. “We’ve focused harder than ever before on making each Sim sound unique, and it’s really paying off. The cohesion and attention to detail has really helped Simlish to feel even more like a real language.”