The Sims 4: Wednesday’s Video a “Create-a-Sim” Feature

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The official Twitter account for The Sims has announced some details about the new Sims 4 video coming this Wednesday. The photo promo in their tweet states that a Create-a-Sim video featuring The Goth Family will be released.
According to The Sims Spain, a CAS only video is being released because “there are many fans who do not follow the regular news, and are not familiar with CAS”. I would imagine that CAS has improved greatly since Gamescom in 2013, so it’s only natural they’d release another video to showcase improvements.
Have no fear though! E3 is only a month away, and we will be seeing loads of new gameplay straight from the show floor. My guess is it will include much more than “CAS”. 😉

sims 4 cas video png