Stop The Madness: The Sims 4 is Not “Delayed” Again

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We see it every day with the regular tv/radio news outlets. The press will report just about anything to start generating the traffic and hype they need to kill an empty news cycle. The same goes for the “gaming press”. There are numerous websites out there, most of which have never even touched The Sims series before, posting all kinds of garbage recently on their sites.
Let’s take today’s article from “KDramaStarz“: The Sims 4 Release Date: Maxis Confirms Delay Of The Fourth Installment Due To Major Bugs And Glitches Problem Possibly Caused By New Features! 


“The Sims 4 Release Date: It is no secret that The Sims 4 is in production and while it was supposed to be out recently, things has suffered a setback. Maxis confirmed that The Sims 4 will be experiencing a delay to its release date which utterly frustrate the fans.” 
While the game developer didn’t elaborate on the cause of delay, the most probable reason is with the bugs and glitches that are being removed by Maxis. On the other hand, it won’t be that long as the game developer will still be part of this year’s E3 happening next month.

No. Just. No. 
This is the perfect example of a site who has NEVER touched The Sims series before, trying to throw a curve ball out to fans who are eager to learn more about the game. Want to know how many times KDramaStarz has reported on The Sims series? Four.


The Sims 4 “delay” occurred back in October of 2013, when Maxis revealed they would be pushing the release date for the game to “Fall of 2014“. Since “KDramaStarz” is probably not going to be the only one to post this trash in the coming days, SimGuruGraham clarified the rumor on Twitter:


As for “KDramaStarz“, they claim to be a “comprehensive Korean drama entertainment news website”, so I would suggest they stick to what they know best.