The Sims 4: Walmart VIP Pre-Order Program

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After today’s confirmation of a September 2nd release date for The Sims 4, I drove to my local Walmart Stores to pick me up one of those “VIP Pre-Order Program” cards. They were available in a nifty little display, and I was very tempted to walk off with the Sims 4 promo poster. 😛

Walmart Pre-Order Program Walmart Release Date Promo Material

The Pre-Order program from Walmart offers players exclusive “bonus content”, in exchange for reserving a copy in their store. The deposit for The Sims 4 Limited Edition was $5.00, and it looks like this:


Walmart Pre-Order Program Card (The Sims 4) Walmart Pre-Order Program Card (The Sims 4)

Please note that this pre-order card is for the LIMITED EDITION only

When putting down the $5 deposit, you not only have that amount deducted at the time you pick up your copy, but you also get about $15 ($10 if you count your deposit) in “extras”. According to the card, you get the following bonus content with your Walmart Pre-Order:

Walmart Bonus Redemption Link – This is where you’ll go to redeem the bonus items from the Walmart Sims 4 Pre-Order Reservation Card.

Free $4.99 worth of VUDU Movie Credits – Check out VUDU’s website to see the selection of movies available.


Free Sims 4 Digital Magazine – I’m not sure if they mean app, or if there is some other magazine you will receive. The official magazine is free anyway, so not much of a bargain there…unless they have plans to change that? No idea.

Free Sims 4 Starter Strategy Guide (Digital) – Prima Games has updated their website with a listing for the starter guide. Obviously the guide is not yet available, but this confirms that Prima will be issuing this bonus for Walmart.

If you do decide to pre-order from Walmart, keep in mind that you must return with the reservation card to receive your $5 discount at the time of purchase, and you have to return back to the same store to pick up your game.