The Sims 4: SimGuruGraham Discusses The Sims 4

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SimGuruGraham has discussed a few aspects of The Sims 4 over on the forums. He covers some info on the world of Willow Creek, Public Spaces and more!

bandicam 2014-06-13 08-05-02-149

Hi everyone, I’m glad you’re enjoying the interview and the new details!
I wanted to take a minute to further clarify something that it appears is still causing some debate.
The Sims 4 doesn’t have “districts”. We have a world (Willow Creek), and within that world is five distinct neighborhoods that all have a different feel to them… think of Los Angeles for example, the neighborhood of Bel Air is uniquely different than Hollywood, but they’re both part of LA. Within each of those neighborhoods are up to five lots, which can be a residential or a community venue. Via the use of Manage Worlds (which replaces Edit Town), you can freely change any of the lots in any neighborhood to be either residential or community.