The Sims 4: Even More Guru Tweets

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Yes, water reflects objects around it in the world. It doesn’t reflect Sims at the moment; you may recall that was patched into Sims 3 in an update with Late Night.

Not sure what settings they were using. I’m looking at the game right now; windows stay fully transparent even when a good distance away from the lot.


Desktop computers are in the game as well. It has a TON of interactions with different fun videos. I personally enjoy trolling other Sims by sending them chain letters.

I asked about this recently. We won’t have a 64 bit exe; it’s fairly uncommon for games. Our lead ENG explained to me why Sims 4 wouldn’t particularly benefit from it and it sounded quite reasonable, but I’m not comfortable enough discussing tech to try and repeat his explanation.

Yeah, that was my original understanding as well and why I’d asked about it. I’m sorry, I wish I could explain the logic behind it better. Maybe we could discuss it further at some point or have someone who has a better grasp of that topic explain the reasoning behind that decision.


That was my original assumption as well but that didn’t seem to be the case when I asked about it. Sorry, I wish I understood the logistics behind the argument better… I totally get why people would want 64-bit because I felt the same way, but from what I heard it didn’t sound like it would limit the game.

From Mod The Sims

Graham: Hey folks – just dropping in really quickly. I didn’t realize teen height was still being debated; thought it was fairly clear from the pictures and recent videos. Yes the teens are the same height as the adults. They have lighter frames than their adult counterparts, less curvy figures, and a bit more youthful pudge (not pudding) added to their faces.
Enjoji: Well, thank you for confirming that Graham-Crackers. But – and I might be alone in this – I do hope that since Teens are the same height as YA etc.., that you guys are planning on releasing some kind of a Pre-Teen age group, then – along with our dang Toddlers! – because to have kids age up and suddenly become Teens-At-Adult-Height is just plain strange.
Graham: I was commenting with one of our designers just this morning how it leaves the door open for pre-teens nicely. Don’t know if that will actually happen – toddlers would certainly be the first priority for us when considering how to expand the game.
sushigal007: I’ve got a question, Graham: can Sims still get pregnant or is it going to be a magic TS1-style birth?
Graham: Yup, pregnant Sims, three trimesters, baby bumps… all that good stuff.