The Sims 4: Same Height for Teens, Adults & Elders

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In the recent CAS video by IGN, it appeared that Teenage Sims would be the same height as their adult counterparts. In a post over at Mod The Sims, SimGuruGraham confirmed that Teenage Sims will in fact be the same height as Adults & Elders, and also mentioned that this leaves the door open for a Pre-Teen life stage.

Hey folks – just dropping in really quickly. I didn’t realize teen height was still being debated; thought it was fairly clear from the pictures and recent videos. Yes the teens are the same height as the adults. They have lighter frames than their adult counterparts, less curvy figures, and a bit more youthful pudge (not pudding) added to their faces.
I was commenting with one of our designers just this morning how it leaves the door open for pre-teens nicely. Don’t know if that will actually happen – toddlers would certainly be the first priority for us when considering how to expand the game.


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Image by: kikinekosenpai