The Sims 4: Games™ Interview w/SimGuruJohn

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Expansion has always been a cornerstone of The Sims franchise. From the humble foundations of your one-bedroom apartment to the construction of an imposing mansion that dominates the region, The Sims is just as much about leaving your own mark on the world as it is assimilating with it.
Certainly the aim here is to widen the tools with which the player can imprint something of their own personality into their designated allotment. Following from Create-A-Sim, the next step is Build Mode, where players are able to put their architectural knowledge to the test.


The big difference here is the continuation of the tactile philosophy that forms the bedrock of the new approach to character creation. Rooms can be pinched and stretched to fit your creative whims, while the rest of your abode intelligently snaps into position, recognising quick iterations and structural changes you’ve implemented.