Simvip Media/Alala Sims: Creator’s Camp Teaser Video

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One of the attendees at Creator’s Camp was Mark from Simvip Media/Alala Sims. Mark has been running Simvip media for many years now, and I never even knew that someone else out there had a similar name. When I met him at Creator’s Camp, we introduced ourselves and discussed the work we do within the Simming Community. This was the first time meeting each other, and there was definitely a story to tell.
Some folks in Brazil took it upon themselves to create a non-existent “drama” story about how we both hated each other because of a name similarity: Simvip & SimsVIP. For the love of an “S”, we were determined to help feed the make believe drama in the community…and it worked!

P.S…Watch until end 😉 – The drama continues in Part 2!

Be sure to keep an eye out on the Creator’s Camp Mega Post, as I will be updating with more vlogs/blogs/teasers from the community throughout the day.