Jeuxvideo: The Sims 4 Preview & Screens

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Difficult to have a more complete Sims 4 what was offered there overview. Indeed, we were treated to 5-6 hours of play on a near-final version, which already provides a fairly accurate idea of the qualities and defects of this new opus. Note however that various optimizations are still ongoing and we do not hold that against the few technical problems glimpses here and there.There are however only hope that the remaining months of development will be enough to erase the many framerate drops seen on a config yet more muscular. 

les-sims-4-pc-1407161102-027 les-sims-4-pc-1407161102-033 les-sims-4-pc-1407161102-032 les-sims-4-pc-1407161102-031 les-sims-4-pc-1407161102-030 les-sims-4-pc-1407161102-029 les-sims-4-pc2 les-sims-4-pc

Even more annoying, loading times always occur when leaving the field . Whether this is still current at the time of release, but as it stands, it is a big black spot, especially a regression compared to the 3rd opus that do no understand.



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