The Sims 4: Sim Giving Birth & Interacting with Baby

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One of my favorites part of the game was watching a Sim give birth. Once your Sim is in “labor”, they have two hours to make it to the hospital, or purchase a bassinet and give birth at home. Babies absolutely need bassinet since they are restricted to it, but they do come with one if you forget to purchase it.

At Creator’s Camp I managed to make my Sim pregnant and fast forward to her giving birth. Once she hit her trimester, I was basically playing the waiting game. Twice in my game a Sim was pregnant, but each time the pregnancy time was different. Once was 4 days, the other was 5. Its not predictable at all.


It was also funny to watch my Sim wattle around the house. The animations that pregnant Sims play out are very amusing. My favorite animation was watching her hold her stomach and start breathing fast. So realistic!

If you haven’t already heard, babies are indeed tied to their bassinet. Sims cannot walk around with them, and must complete all baby interactions at the baby’s bassinet. The full list of baby interactions are:  Talk, Rock, Make Silly Face, Cuddle, Coo At, Bounce, Change Diaper, Feed (breast or bottle), Age Up, Show off to, some of which I show off in the video below.

Video Link


I was also able to see the gender of the baby and select a name for the baby in the popup notification, but since I did not record with the UI Capture on, you can only hear me fiddling with it in the video. (happens during the pause in the video)