Sims 3 Forums: Scheduled Maintenance For Several Days

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Via SimGuruHydra

Hey Simmers – The Sims 4 launch is REALLY close, like September 2 close– and we are pleased to confirm that we are upgrading the forums in preparation. With the upgrade comes some downtime. We want to minimize the downtime as much as possible but we do ask that you have patience as we get this moving. We will begin the upgrade this FRIDAY (August 8, 2014), at around 09:00am PDT. What this means is that the forums will be read only (you will not be able to post or start new threads) for several days starting from that time. We will keep everyone updated via Twitter and Facebook when the forums come back up. We also want to let you know that with the upgrade, one piece of your profile will not be activated. You will need to choose or create a new avatar. Everything else will remain the same. Thanks for your patience everyone. Looking forward to seeing what you think about the upgraded forums once they are live.