The Sims 4: Legacy Challenge Preview

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Pinstar, The Sims Legacy Challenge creator, has posted their Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Preview and hands on experience from Creator’s Camp. Legacy Challenge players rejoice!

Sims 4 Creators camp is a full three day hands-on experience. There were about two dozen of us invited in total, simmers from across the spectrum. Some were machinima makers, some custom content creators, others builders and modders, and still others were Let’s Players and other Youtube figureheads. Everyone was given the same level of access to the game, but everyone approached their time with the game differently. After the break, I detail MY experience with the game from start to finish.


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I was invited there as the creator of the Legacy Challenge, so my #1 priority was playtesting my own start of a Legacy. While three days would only scratch the surface of a Legacy Challenge, it would give me some very important framework to which I could mold the new version of my challenge. Like all good Legacy Challenge starts, everything began with a founder, Lady Cheshire Masque, given the creative aspiration with a focus on writing, art Lover, music lover, and delightfully insane. There are two neighborhoods to start with, though they intend to add more. And sadly you cannot customize lot sizes. The largest lot size in the game is 50×50, a bit smaller than past Legacy Challenge lots, but still quite sizeable.